Friday, April 16, 2010

The very first thanks from the Czech group into Spain


  1. Wow! incredible :D!
    I hope you like all our presents!
    I think, (looking your faces) you are very happy!
    The next year, all you have to come to Spain! :D

  2. this idea is fantastic!!

    I am glad that you have liked our gifts Do you know for that serves the program of holy week?
    The program of holy week is to know every day that procession goes out and what time

  3. Thank you very much for your pressents!:))
    It was really very nice from you!:)
    I liked the biscuits, castanets and white roses at most:)
    YEAH:) It´s really good idea..
    It should be great.. If we will be able to go to Spain and than you to Czech republic.. Like an exchanging program:) Maybe we can do it like that.. But it can do only our teachers..:D