Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Coke and mentos

We are going to make an experiment.It Coke and Mentos.
To make our experiment we are going to need: diet coke, salt, sugar, a glass and mentos.

In first place, we fill half of a glass with diet coke and then drop a few Mentos.
We can see that the coke´s fizz goes out.

If we repeat the same experiment with salt, sugar or sand, we´ll get the same results.

Diet Coke contains carbon dioxide fizz.
The chew of mentos help to separate the carbon dioxide molecules vof the Coke. Proper size bubbles are needed to get the fizz goes out


  1. M.Laguna:
    Congratulations! The experiment is very curious! :)

  2. It´s interesting. We have to try it, too.