Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Semana Santa" (Easter in Seville)

“Semana Santa” (Holy Week/easter) has been one of the most important celebrations in Seville for centuries. In the eight days of "Semana Santa", a total of 57 brotherhoods, carry their 116 floats from their church to the Cathedral and back, in the company of around 60.000 brothers.

Here you have a video about Easter in Seville.


  1. Oh!! this is one of the best processions in Seville, and the virgin of the Guadalupe, this virgin is one of the most beautifull virgins in Seville.My father and I put these flowers!!
    I love holy week and Seville...Bye bye friends!!


  2. M.Laguna:
    Holy Week is my favourite typical celebration of Seville!
    If you don't know, the music that play when the Virgin is leaving the church is our national anthem!!!
    I hope that you like our Holy Week!