Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hello from the Czech team

Hello, we like eTwinning.
1. eTwinning is strong enough to pull us together.
2. eTwinning makes us as strong as water in a balloon that protects the balloon from heat.
3. eTwinning makes us as enthusiastic as bubbles floating in carbon dioxide.
4. eTwinning pushes us together with friends from all the Europe like the atmospheric pressure when we blow between bottles.
5. eTwinning protects us from boring lessons like the nut protects the bottle from falling onto the floor.
6. A eTwinning holds us up like air pressure
B and the pressure of a water column.
7. eTwinning lifts us up through knowledge shared throughout Europe like the rotating nut lifts up the bottle.
8. eTwinning shows information we learnt at school from surprising sights such as a bottle full of water.
9. eTwinning takes us higher than our rocket filled with vinegar and sodium bicarbonate.
Have fun with simple experiments.


  1. Very good idea! I have liked to use the emblem of etwinning to do an experiment thank you

    BDS. Spain

  2. Congratulations! In fact it is very original the way you pass on the real message of this project.

    Kisses fron Spain! :D